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From the world of cyber security

In periodic podcasts, we discuss current threats and attacks from a variety of perspectives with members of the Cyber Rangers team and invited guests.

CYB3R Club #2 - OSEP and C|OSINT certifications

Jan and Dan talked about their experience, quality and relevance of Offensive Security Experienced Penetration Tester (OSEP) and McAfee Institute Certified Open-Source Intelligence (C|OSINT) certifications.


11. 3. 2022| 81 minut

CYB3R Club #1 - Michal Horáček

This time we talked to our friend Michal Horáček, who works at Microsoft. Michal shared with us his views on security and his motivation to work in relation to security. We also didn't forget the path to his future. Listen to our podcast to find out everything you didn't know about Michal and we hope you'll be inspired by his journey.