Cyber Rangers

Attitude & Values

Changing the way that organizations think about security

Cybersecurity is not just about getting IT systems properly set up. We show hacking procedures, name specific weaknesses, and propose solutions. Our ambition is to increase resilience by changing people's attitudes to security across the business.

Over the years of working in IT departments of various companies, we have understood the limits of internal security solutions. We founded Cyber Rangers to help overcome them.

Jan Marek

Co-Founder & Red Teamer

Over the years of working in IT departments of various companies, we have understood the limits of internal security solutions. We founded Cyber Rangers to help overcome them. This is through securing our customers, testing their readiness for a cyber-attack or through our unique training classes.

Daniel Hejda

Co-Founder & Ethical Hacker

Cyber Rangers was established because our opinions differ from others and because we wanted to give customers the opportunity to prevent the problems that come with inconsistent security and incompetent attitudes. As Cyber Rangers, we can always stand on the side of the customer, without being tied to the vendor or solution vendor, and always act on behalf of and in the best interests of our clients. This is the only way we can maintain the quality of our professional services.

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We test cyber security as hackers, not as officers.

We specialize in offensive security: we don't implement the defenses, we test you by attacking. We use the same testing procedures as hackers to prepare you for real threats. 

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We maintain connections with the hacker community

We are monitoring hacker communities, keeping an eye on how their environments work. And, of course, we map their new strategies and use them for resilience testing. 

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We want to be helpful. For small and large organizations

For each customer we prepare an individual offer. It doesn't matter whether you are a small company or a multinational corporation or how much you have already invested in security. What matters is your willingness to get better.

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Small team with the highest qualification

Even a giant corporation can be taken down by one hacker, so we don't need dozens of employees. We intentionally keep our team small. In order to guarantee 100% credibility, we only have people we'll put our hands on. It's also easier to pass on know-how about new hacking practices in a smaller team. 

Building community

We bring together ethical hackers, cyber security folks, IT managers and enlightened entrepreneurs. We exchange experiences, share information, and educate each other. Together we fight for a safer cyberspace. All as part of the Cyber Intelligence Club community.


In periodic podcasts, we discuss current threats and attacks from a variety of perspectives with members of the Cyber Rangers team and invited guests.

CYB3R Days conference

Experience from practice, demonstrations of attacks, best practices. Annual conference for all those actively engaged in cyber security.


We share our know-how. We advise which cyber security topics need to be addressed and how to proceed. And in the hacking stories section we bring real stories of attacks on Czech organizations.

We build on mutual trust

02/ values

We don't favor any supplier

We assess security solutions objectively, knowing their strengths and weaknesses. We recommend and propose solutions, not suppliers.

Confidentiality is always affirmed by a contract

Internal information never gets outside a predefined circle of people. All our cooperation begins with the signing of a non-disclosure agreement.

We are looking for ways to improve, not the guilty ones

When we discover a mistake, we don't address who made it, but why it happened and how to avoid it in the future.