Cyber Rangers

Code of Ethics

1. Provide valuable services to clients: Our top priority is to offer services that benefit our clients. We strive to provide effective cybersecurity and cyberdefense solutions within a realistic and dependable technological framework.

2. Be truthful: We are committed to telling the truth to our clients, and will speak candidly about the complexity, pros and cons of cybersecurity and cyberdefense. We do not take shortcuts or make unrealistic promises.

3. Maintain confidentiality: We understand the importance of confidentiality in the cybersecurity industry, and operate with the utmost discretion. We maintain strict confidentiality regarding our clients' information and projects, and work on a "need to know" basis.

4. Protect personal information: We do not collect, give, sell, or transfer any personal information without our clients' prior consent. We protect the intellectual property of others and rely on our own innovation and efforts to ensure that all benefits vest with their originator.

5. Report potential dangers: We are committed to reporting potential dangers to any ecommerce clients, the internet community, or the public that we reasonably believe to be associated with a particular set or type of electronic transactions or related software or hardware.

6. Provide competent service: We are honest and forthright about any limitations of our experience and education, and ensure that we are qualified for any project on which we work or propose to work by an appropriate combination of education, training, and experience.

7. Avoid conflicts of interest: We disclose to all concerned parties any conflicts of interest that cannot reasonably be avoided or escaped.

8. Conduct ethical and competent dealings: We conduct ourselves in the most ethical and competent manner when soliciting professional service or seeking employment, thus meriting confidence in our knowledge and integrity.

9. Ensure legal compliance: We ensure that all penetration testing activities are authorized and within legal limits. We do not engage in any black hat activity or be associated with any underground hacking community that serves to endanger networks.

10. Promote professional development: We add to the knowledge of the cybersecurity profession by constant study, sharing the lessons of our experience with fellow professionals, and promoting public awareness of the benefits of cybersecurity.

11. Avoid improper financial practices: We do not engage in deceptive financial practices such as bribery, double billing, or other improper financial practices.

12. Use client property ethically: We use the property of a client or employer only in ways properly authorized, and with the owner's knowledge and consent.

13. Provide prompt communication: We provide prompt communication to clients about developments in our work, and act with maximum swiftness if incidents or delays occur.

14. Avoid excessive expenses: We avoid incurring unjustified expenses and ensure that company meals paid for by us are held in places appropriate to the guest’s dignity.

15. Maintain a clean record: We have not been convicted of any felony or violated any law of the land.

Last update: 27.3.2023