Cyber Rangers

INFOSEK Online 2023

Datum 16. 3. 2023
Místo Online
Určěno pro CSO, CIO, System Administrator
Web akce

The largest event in Slovenia in the field of information security offers participants the opportunity to learn from the best information security experts from Slovenia and abroad.

At this event, you can watch a lecture by our ranger Jan Marek, who will give a lecture on the topic: Why EDR is not the ultimate cure for cyber security

Qubit Conference Prague 23

Datum 17. 5. 2023
Místo Prague
Určěno pro cybersecurity experts
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Qubit Conference Prague offers an excellent opportunity for cybersecurity professionals and top experts in the field. Take advantage of the shared knowledge and expertise provided by the best and brightest minds in the cybersecurity industry.

Come and listen to Jan Marek's lecture on the topic: How to evaluate EDRs and not be fooled by vendor marketing.