We can help with the protection of your organization by testing your security, environment control, or advisors.

We focus on red teaming and adversary simulations, penetrative testing, phishing, and the safety of hybrid environments. We will gladly advise you about deployment and practical use of defense technologies like Azure Sentinel, Microsoft 365 Defender, Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, Azure Defender, Azure Directory, Windows/Windows Server, and others!

You can also turn to us if you were a target of a cybernetic attack and you would like some help with Incident Response, investigation, or environment recovery.

We also offer exclusive service of searching through databases of leaked passwords from DarkWeb and DeepWeb, together with verification from databases from foreign forums where databases of passwords are published amongst the attackers. Service can be ordered as a one-time thing or continuously, in the continuous package we inform you about the differences which had happened in the last month. Thanks to our service you can increase the safety of your company and verify if your users and their identities exposed to direct cybernetic threats. In the databases are not only passwords in a completely legible form but also personal information like hashes, email login info, or domain access.

Cyber Rangers Mission

The mission of Cyber Rangers is to build security awareness in companies and individuals. We teach, lecture, write, train, develop, test everyone who has the interest to learn new tactics, techniques, and methods of the attackers. Everyone (companies and individuals), who wants to move forward in the security area needs to change their mindset first and then apply everything in actual practice.

We also deal with the development of analytics, detection, simulative and training tools, and analyses of modern threats, which endanger users in private and professional life. We focus on the identification of new verticals of cybernetic attacks and lecture the public about them. We try to point out the problems that could a company environment contain. All of this with a goal to help the public, people, and companies in getting to know themself and their flaws.

Cyber Rangers members work on significant projects over the whole world, especially in the areas of safety, architecture, ethical hacking, law, processes, and privacy, but our connections in the community make us a unique ecosystem that can help in hard situations.


Other than our experience from years of work, our skills are substantiated by a lot of certificates.

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